Picture of  Jakob Styrup Brodersen

Jakob Styrup Brodersen

Over the last 20 years, I have worked with data-driven digital business optimization, including e-commerce, across five different sectors: banking, media, telecommunications, publishing and the design of a virtual secondary school. My roles have encompassed those of an optimisation specialist, subject matter lead, and educator. Areas of specialisation include Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), A/B testing, web analysis, communication and teaching. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Danish and Computer Science from the University of Copenhagen.

Since April 2023, I have been serving as a freelance CRO and AI consultant, focusing on data-driven conversion optimization using ChatGPT, in addition to providing training and competence development in ChatGPT.

Get Started with Reaping the Benefits of AI

I look forward to assisting your company in swiftly and securely harnessing the advantages of ChatGPT to optimize your business and sales. My offerings include:

  • Training in ChatGPT or Copilot 

    In-company training and skill development with a focus on utilising ChatGPT-4 or Copilot to enhance your business operations. The training includes both theoretical presentations and lots of practical exercises, tailored to your specific needs and work processes, enabling you to craft professional prompts within data analysis, text production, and marketing.

    Price for half a day: DKK 15,000. Price for a full day: DKK 20,000.

  • CRO and AI Consulting Work
    I assist you with AI-driven sales optimisation: Consultancy, workshops, development of ChatGPT 4 prompts and GPTs, MS Copilot, web analytics, usability and
    A/B testing within e-commerce, content production, and marketing.

    Hourly rate: DKK 1,000.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.